Snow Boots

Snow boots are the ideal solution to the coldest winter weather. They should be extra warm to help the circulation and keep your feet toasty, as well as extremely comfortable and smart too. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we have been manufacturing sheepskin lined footwear in our own factory in Glastonbury since 1937, and we are a family owned and run business. We have a team of expert craftsmen and women who have many years of experience making the best quality boots for snow and slippers, which are perfect for snow and icy conditions. There is nothing better than real sheepskin for the coldest winter weather, and all of our sheepskin lined snow boots are fully lined from the bottom of the toes to the top of the boot, including the insoles, making them extra warm.

There are many different scenarios where you might need snow boots; perhaps you are going skiing in the near future and you need some boots that are suitable for the evenings when you go out for dinner or drinks. In this example our warm snow boots are perfect; they have a non slip sole which makes them ideal for the icy conditions so that you will not fall over. The sheepskin lining will ensure that your feet remain as warm as possible, and they look smart as well with a waterproof leather or suede upper so they will look like smart shoes or boots, as opposed to some of the typical waterproof shoes and boots you can buy from outdoors shops. Mens sheepskin snow boots are the traditional choice of footwear for snowy conditions and have been worn for thousands of years.

Perhaps it is snowing at home and you live in the United Kingdom, where it only snows around once per year for a short period, or perhaps you live in an area of the world where it snows regularly and the winter is full of snow all the time. In both cases, our snow boots UK are perfect because they are handmade to perfection and are designed to last for many years. There is nothing more hard wearing than real sheepskin and leather, and they are double stitched to ensure they will not ever come apart. The soles are non slip and extremely hard wearing too.

We treat all of our leather and suede uppers to make them waterproof, which is another reason that our sheepskin snow boots are so good in snowy conditions. It will keep the snow and water out of the boot, and the insides will remain warm and comfortable at the same time. Sheepskin is actually naturally waterproof as well because it can absorb a third of its weight in water without becoming damp, which is a natural property of sheepskin which makes it perfect for the winter and womens sheepskin snow boots.
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