Soft Lambskin Gloves

Welcome to Draper of Glastonbury; we are the leading manufacturer of high quality sheepskin slippers, gloves, and boots in the United Kingdom. We started making soft lambskin gloves in 1937 in our factory in Glastonbury, Somerset, which is still running today. Our business began making gloves during the Second World War, and we made safety leather and asbestos gloves for the UK government over that period, before going into sheepskin and soft lambskin gloves UK afterwards. We are now known around the world for producing the best lambskin gloves available, which are soft, durable, and handmade from start to finish.

Softest lambskin gloves are more flexible and therefore more comfortable and practical to wear than tougher gloves, which is why they are so sought after. Our gloves are the softest lambskin gloves you can buy, and we offer a huge range of styles, sizes, and colours for both men and women. They are made to an exact size, and they are all made from premium real lambskin which is made in British tanneries, so they are the warmest and most comfortable lambskin gloves that are soft that you can buy for the cold winter conditions.

We have regular lambskin gloves mens and for women which come up to the wrists like a normal glove and cover each individual finger, which have a suede outer and woolly inside for warmth. We also sell Nappa leather lambskin gloves which have a leather finish to the outer, and we also sell wrist warmers, as well as mittens, and gloves which have a cuff which comes up along your wrists higher up too. We are also introducing fingerless gloves for Autumn 2023/24.

Our lambskin gloves womens are designed to last for a very long time, so they represent excellent value for money. They are double stitched to ensure they will never come apart, and they are made from premium lambskins to ensure they will never wear through or split. This is what makes them last for many years, and will keep you warm through many winters. As we are the manufacturers, if there were any problems with your gloves you can simply return them to our factory in Glastonbury and we will repair them for free; which is a service that you cannot get elsewhere.

Each stage of production is done entirely by hand, from the cutting of the lambskin to the hand stitching and hand lasting. They are made by expert craftsmen and women with a lifetime of experience working with soft lambskin leather gloves, so you know you are in good hands.
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