Soft Sole Sheepskin Slippers

There are many great benefits to soft sole slippers with suede or leather soles compared with rubber and outdoor soles. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are specialists with slippers with soft soles, and we have a wide variety available to buy here online. All are produced in our factory in Somerset, as they have been since 1937, and they are the highest quality soft sole sheepskin slippers that you can buy. We use the finest British leathers, suedes, and sheepskins to ensure that the slippers are made to last a long time. So what are the main benefits of soft sole slippers?

Mens Soft Sole Sheepskin Slippers

Mens soft sole sheepskin slippers are lightweight and flexible. Unlike rubber soles, they are much lighter and will add to the comfort of wearing them that little bit more. The flexibility means that they will move with your foot shape and mould to that shape.

They will not mark or scuff carpets. If you have lots of lighter coloured carpets in your home, or light coloured kitchen tiles and flooring, then rubber soles which are darker in colour can sometimes mark them. Soft soles will prevent this from happening. The soft soles are much smoother also, which means they will not scuff your carpet and cause damage to it in any way.

Womens Soft Sole Sheepskin Slippers

Womens soft sole sheepskin slippers will last equally as long as rubber soles, if not longer. Not many people know that, as they think hard soles are more durable, but actually leather is much more durable, and they will barely ever wear through entirely. The stitching is more likely to go before the leather wears out!

They are more elegant and fitted to your foot, so they will look better when you wear them. Larger soles can make footwear seem more chunky, whereas soft soles allow for the perfect fitting and shape. They will truly make you feel like you are walking on air.

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