Suede Sheepskin Gloves

There are many different types of sheepskin glove available, and understanding the difference between them is important when it comes to choosing which type and style you want to buy. Sheepskin gloves are often made from different types of material, and they are made in different ways too, and unless you are an expert it can be hard to tell the difference and decide which is best.

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we have been handcrafting the best suede sheepskin gloves since the 1930’s, and our company is family owned and run. Our factory is in Glastonbury, Somerset, and we have specialised in sheepskin gloves and slippers for over 80 years. Our skilled craftsmen and women have worked in the factory for most of their working lives, and this level of experience makes our sheepskin gloves suede outer the best in the world.

We produce many different types and styles of glove, and we have women’s and men’s styles available to buy. Some gloves have a sueded finish to the outer, while others have a leather finish to the outer, and all have a woolly sheepskin inside for warmth and comfort. No matter what the finish is on the outside of the glove, they are in fact made from double faced sheepskin. This means that the suede finish sheepskin gloves are made from one piece of sheepskin, with the woolly side on the inside where your hands are, and the outer is simply the other side of the sheepskin. The other side of the sheepskin is treated to make it look and feel like suede or leather, but it is sheepskin. Sheepskin is actually a type of leather itself.

The reason that our sueded sheepskin gloves are made from double faced sheepskin, is because it makes our gloves the most flexible and comfortable you can buy. They make wearing them easy because your fingers and hands can move around freely while being extra warm. Double faced sheepskin is much more expensive than normal types of sheepskin, which is why not all manufacturers use it.

We have standard suede outer sheepskin mens brown suede gloves, as well as fingerless gloves, wrist warmers, cuff gloves, and many others too including mittens. We hope you are able to find the perfect pair of mens black suede gloves for you. Suede sheepskin black suede gloves womens are the most popular, because they are traditionally the type of sheepskin glove that you would normally think of, and they are very soft. There is nothing warmer than a pair of real sheepskin brown suede gloves ladies, for the coldest of winter conditions when there are ice and snow on the ground.
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