Waterproof Sheepskin Boots

Waterproof sheepskin boots are the best type of footwear for really cold winter conditions. There might be snow on the ground and ice all around, and you might be looking for the warmest type of footwear to keep your feet warm in the coldest conditions. Real sheepskin boots are the best solution, and here at Draper of Glastonbury, we specialise in sheepskin lined footwear. We have been manufacturing high quality sheepskin products in our Glastonbury factory since 1937, and we are a family owned and run company. Our boots are handmade by experts, with a lifetime of experience working with sheepskin, which results in the best quality sheepskin boots in the world.

Our ladies waterproof winter boots are made with suede or leather uppers, and sheepskin lining all the way through down to the toes, including the insole. The uppers are waterproof because we have the suede and leather treated so that they repel water. This makes our sheepskin boots both practical as well as warm and comfortable, because the sheepskin on the insides will keep you very warm, and the waterproof suede or leather on the outside will stop water entering the boot from snow or ice or rain. Ladies waterproof snow boots are made with a non slip outdoor sole too, which is hard wearing and perfect for gripping in icy conditions.

Our warm waterproof boots ladies are made in traditional designs, which are smart and sophisticated. They are designed to look great while going for walks as well as for shopping and smarter trips too. They do not look big and bulky on your feet or legs like other sheepskin boots often do, because we trim the wool lining to an exact half inch length. We have a huge variety of designs available to buy, for both men and women, in many different colour options. The most popular colour is black and followed by brown, as they are versatile and can go with any outfit.

Our womens waterproof boots UK are perfect for skiing trips to the Alps and further away too, and they are great for evening wear while in the mountains. They can be worn on the plane or packed away in your luggage too, and we sell ankle boots which won’t take up much room, or taller boots for extra warmth as well. Our most popular women's boot is called ‘Cambridge’ and has a suede upper, twin zips at the front, and sheepskin lining all the way through.
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