Wide Sheepskin Boots

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we provide a large collection of wide sheepskin boots for women and men. We have over 85 years of experience in making the best quality sheepskin footwear and we are a fourth generation family business. Established in the 1930’s, we have our own factory in Somerset where our skilled craftsmen manufacture sheepskin footwear to only the highest standards. We export worldwide.

Ladies wide fit sheepskin boots are wide on the foot as well as the calf and leg, so they allow plenty of space for wide fitting all around. There are not many companies that make wider fitting sheepskin boots, but ours are renowned. They can be worn with or without socks on, as the soft wool will cushion your feet either way. They are blissfully comfortable to wear. Many of our designs also have a twin zip, which makes them very easy to get on and off.

Our mens extra wide sheepskin boots are perfect for even the widest of feet. Take a look at our style called Somerset, which is lace up desert boot, which is extra wide on the foot and the lace can be adjusted to be tightened or loosened as well. Although there is a sheepskin lining throughout, these boots are very roomy indeed and can be worn with thick socks too.

Wide fitting sheepskin boots UK for women include our established best seller called Ambleside. It is a mid calf height boot and comes in either leather or suede too. It has two zips at the front and is nice and wide on both the leg and foot. It has a non slip rubber sole which is perfect for gripping ice and of course, it has our signature sheepskin lining all the way through.

Wide leg sheepskin boots include our modern boot called Frosty, which has a standard fitting on the feet but a wider leg fitting for a wide calf or swollen ankles too. In fact, sheepskin helps with swollen feet and ankles because the additional heat provided by the sheepskin helps to improve circulation and reduce swelling too.

Wide calf sheepskin boots do not have to look ugly; we design our boots so that they are both stylish as well as practical. Our designs change from season to season slightly with new styles entering our range each time, but some of the classic designs remain year after year too as they are established best sellers.

Extra wide tall sheepskin boots include our style called Malton which has a wide foot area as well as an elastic gusset at the top of the leg to allow for more leg room if you need it. This is our tallest boot, which is extra warm.
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