Wide Sheepskin Slippers

Here at Drapers we are experts when it comes to sheepskin slippers; with over 80 years of experience in manufacturing the best quality slippers in the world. Our factory is in Somerset, and our team of skilled craftspeople have been making sheepskin footwear for most of their working lives. Established in 1937, our family business is now the oldest manufacturer of sheepskin slippers in the UK. We offer a wide range of slippers, with wide sheepskin slippers available along with narrower styles too. We do not offer different width fittings with every style, but we have certain styles that are wider fitting than others. This ensures you can always find a style of the slipper to suit your requirements.

British made mens extra wide sheepskin lined slippers

If you are looking for mens extra wide sheepskin slippers then there are a variety of options for you. If you are just slightly wider fitting than regular, then our moccasin designs might suit you best. The stitching around the top of the toes allows for extra room, plus the actual construction allows for wider fitting around the entire foot too, because it has an adjustable lace which can be tightened or loosened. A style such as Maine might be perfect. Albert is another style of slipper which is wider than regular, as is Michael.

Handmade ladies wide fitting sheepskin lined slippers 

For womens wide fit sheepskin slippers take a look at our moccasin style called Reo, or Kelly, which follow the same pattern as the mens moccasin designs. If you prefer a wider fitting slip-on style, then look at Lilly.

100% Genuine extra wide sheepskin footwear for ladies and mens - Perfect for swollen feet

Generally speaking, most of our styles are slightly wider than regular, so they should accommodate for a slightly wider fitting. If you require really, really wide fitting sheepskin slippers, then have a look at our mobility range of slippers. These include styles Ash and Bailey, which are extra wide fitting and they are unisex sizes. They come in a variety of neutral colours, and they are designed for people with really swollen feet.

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