Winter Gloves

If you are searching for the best quality, warmest winter gloves available then look no further. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are experts and specialists when it comes to winter gloves, and we specialise in real sheepskin gloves which are the warmest that you can buy. Our sheepskin winter gloves are handmade by experts, with many years of experience. Our factory in England was established in 1937, producing leather safety gloves during the Second World War, and the skill in the local area was with sheepskin, so we soon started making sheepskin gloves for the winter afterwards. Our gloves take four weeks to make, and each pair is made by hand from start to finish.

The best winter gloves need to be extra warm, but they also need to be comfortable, flexible, and soft, so that they are both practical and warm. They need to look great with your coat or jacket, and they should fit your hands nicely without looking too bulky. The warmest winter gloves by Draper are designed with all of those factors in mind, and our designer in our Glastonbury factory has been working with glove making for his entire life.

Our super warm winter gloves are available to buy here online, or via phone, and we ship worldwide. Our gloves are worn and appreciated by countless celebrities and Royalty, as well as millions of other people around the world. We are so confident in the quality and durability of our gloves that we offer free returns if they are not absolutely perfect.

Best winter gloves for men need to be of the correct size, and this will vary from person to person. Gloves are supposed to be measured by the circumference around your knuckles, in inches. A women’s size small is 7 inches, medium 7.5 inches, large 8 inches, and extra large 8.5 inches. A men’s medium is 9 inches, large 9.5 inches, and extra large 10 inches. We have a fast and reliable delivery service to ensure that your gloves arrive on time and in perfect condition, or alternatively we have a factory shop at our Glastonbury factory if you are nearby.

Our best winter gloves for extreme cold are made from 100% real sheepskin, and they have one piece of sheepskin that forms the glove, and they have a sueded or leather outside, with wool on the inside. The reason that we use one piece of sheepskin is because it enables our warm winter gloves womens to be flexible to wear, unlike our footwear which we lined sheepskin with leather or suede on the outside because it does not need to be flexible.
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