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A traditional twin-zip rubber sole boot for easy fitting, with real 100% lambswool lining, these sheepskin boots have non-slip rubber soles, 1½ inch heels, and leg height of 10 ½ inches. Made with water resistant suede.
High leather leg, inside zip. An established best seller. Leather upper. Lambswool lining. Side zip. Elastic gusset. Non-slip rubber sole. 1½ inch heel. Leg height 12½ inches.

Ambleside in leatherAmbleside in leather
Ambleside in leather
A leather version of our traditional twin-zip rubber sole boot for easy fitting. These  boots have leather uppers & 100% lambwool lining, non slip rubber soles with 1½ inch heels.
Our leather and shearling boots that have a comfortable long lasting fit with stylish twin zips. This rubber sole boot has suede uppers, lambswool lining throughout, 1½ inch heels and leg height of 5 inches. Made with water resistant suede.

Women's sheepskin ankle boot, with a real sheepskin lining, a water resistant waxed leather upper, and a durable rubber sole. D fitting. Leg height 4 inches, heel height 1 1/4 inches. 
€135.87 €73.60
Dartmoor (Sheepskin Lining)
Dartmoor (Sheepskin Lining)
Front zip, with a sheepskin lining. Suede upper. Sheepskin lining. Non-slip rubber sole. 1½ inch heel. Leg height 4½ inches

Women's tall side zip sheepskin lined boot, with a water resistant waxed leather upper, real sheepskin lining and a durable rubber sole. D fitting. Leg height 13 inches, heel height 1 1/4 inches.
€209.47 €135.87

Womens Sheepskin Boots

Draper of Glastonbury, UK has been in the business of making sheepskin footwear for the past seventy five years. We make use of time-tested methods to create attractive womens sheepskin boots, slippers or shoes. Located in Glastonbury, we make use of the finest sheepskin to produce footwear featuring the modern and traditional English designs. All sheepskin boots, slippers & footwear is handmade and undergoes a rigorous tanning process which renders the skin a unique shine and makes it comfortable to wear.

WE Offer Stylish Womens luxurious Sheepskin Boots At Attractively Low Rates

Womens real sheepskin boots from Draper of Glastonbury are crafted from superior materials especially chosen to bring out the best in the designs. The fine lambswool and shearling boots (cropped fleece) sheepskin linings married to supple, soft leather uppers keep feet comfortable and warm, while not allowing them to get too hot.

Draper's leather and genuine sheepskin boots for ladies have been hand made by skilled craftsmen at the company's Glastonbury workshop for almost 75 years. Ladies and mens sheepskin boots are available in black or spice, taupe and brown leather and from size 3 with an E fitting.

Ladies real Sheepskin Boots – A Must For The Fashion & Health Conscious Woman

The secret to sheepskin being so marvelous when manufactured into footwear is the inherent nature of this natural material. It’s really soft, giving so much of comfort. It’s quite a luxurious item and one that stands above synthetic luxury footwear in the market. The soft texture helps avoid abrasions and keeps you feeling comfortable the whole day, which is a must when you are working long hours or have to be on your feet for most part of the day. Another key quality about sheepskin is that it can absorb one-third of its weight of water and will not become damp. If you happen to walk on a puddle in a rainy day, your feet will not become chilly from the weather. This material is tough enough to resist wind and any type of weather condition.

One of the problems faced by people with sensitive skin is finding sheepskin boots, slippers & footwear that does not cause rashes and allergies. Sheepskin is the best solution for their needs. The lanolin in this material is anti-bacterial, thus keeping feet from getting infections. Feet are comfortable all day long, enabling people with delicate skin to do their work with ease.

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Draper of Glastonbury offers you stylish ladies and mens sheepskin slippers, sheepskin boots & footwear in the most attractive shades and designs. Shop with us and enjoy wearing comfortable and long-lasting footwear. Get all the benefits of sheepskin by placing an order online through our site. Buy sheepskin boots online from our site to get them at the lowest prices.