Do Sheepskin Boots Actually Stretch?

If you are planning to buy sheepskin boots, then you might be questioning whether these boost stretch or not. The answer to this question is yes. It is true that the boots made out of sheepskin do stretch over time. It is precisely the reason why the users should make sure that the pair of boots made out of sheepskin are snug and cosy at the time when the pair is first tried on since they will stretch almost half a size over time.

sheepskin boots

How Choosing Should be Done?

At the time of choosing the size, it is to be made sure that the ordinary shoe size should be chosen and it is to be kept in mind to avoid choosing an over-sized pair. It is precisely what is recommended by sheepskin boots manufacturers. If any of the users buy a size that is larger than their size, it can become loose after repeated wearing. It is because of the stretching factor that comes into play. The factor that the boots will stretch, you would be left with a pair of boots that no longer provide you with the warmth and cosiness if you buy an over-sized pair.

How to Proceed If You are Originally a Half Size?

It is possible that many of the users’ size is a half size like 7.5 or 6.5 and hence becomes a problematic situation to choose the pair of boots of the right size. Most of the customers are unaware of the fact that genuine sheepskin boots are not manufactured in half sizes. Again, it is because of the fact of nature of sheepskin is to stretch approximately half a size as the wool comfortably moulds around the foot of the wearer. Therefore, if anyone’s foot measures a little more than 7, it would be ideal to choose the size 7 keeping in mind the stretch factor since it would not be very long the wearer would be getting the extra stretch from the choose boot size. Now, if a person's foot size measures somewhere between 7.5 and 8, then the size 8 would be the ideal boot size to go for.

sheepskin boots

Overall, sheepskin boots are loved and very much preferred by people from all around the world because they are incredibly comfortable in nature. Moreover, these boots happen to be an extremely suitable option for the purpose of gifting and the good news is that if you are not sure of the size, there is little scope to move. If the boots you buy end up being slightly firm to start with, they will stretch and become a comfortable fit. If the pair happens to be slightly big, there is always the option to pair sheepskin boots with socks to fill out the boots a little better.

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