The History and Popularity of Sheepskin Boots

Sheepskin boots are boots crafted from sheepskin. Sheepskin has been used for millennia and is now commonly found in Australian boots such as the world-famous Uggs. These boots were first recognized on a mummy discovered in China about 500 B.C. However, Plato describes people in Ancient Greece wearing lamb hides over their feet, showing that the habit was widespread. 

Frosty sheepskin boots

A historical overview of sheepskin boots demonstrates how they became fashion icons?

These are only a few of the earliest known occurrences of these popular types of boots, which may or may not have been similar to those worn today. Lambskin has been used for generations and is now commonly found in Australian boots such as the world-famous UGGs. The first confirmed use of sheepskin boots is on a 500-year-old mummy.

However, you'll be surprised to learn that their design is identical to that of the first sheep hides long boots. Eskimos were extremely fond of these boots. They would oil the boots with seal or whale oil to make them waterproof and keep their feet warm.

People in Tibet, on the other hand, worn them for special events such as parties and rituals. They wore a variety of coloured sheepskin boots and did a specialized dance while wearing them. Not only that, but they're made in Russia specifically to resist the harsh winters.

The Morlands brand has been producing fleece boots in Glastonbury, England, for over a century. Because the original cars were open and exposed the feet to the weather, these were initially utilized for driving around. Sir Edmund Hilary used the sheepskin mixes from Morlands to keep his feet warm rather than for practical mountain climbing when he climbed Mount Everest. These were later utilized by pilots who needed to stay warm while flying.

In 1843, the Ottoman Empire introduced the Merino breed to Spain. Merino wool, which is often from Australia and New Zealand also the highly quality fleece, is also used in the top sheepskin designs because it is a natural material that complements the lambskin so beautifully.


In 1937, Richard J Draper founded the company in Glastonbury, Somerset, England. Draper sheepskin slippers have been popular worldwide, both online and in retail shops, for many years. With a fine history of producing handcrafted sheepskin products, Draper of Glastonbury has come to mean high quality, luxury, and most importantly, comfort, and currently, they are serving clientele across the UK, USA, and Canada.

Enhance your look with the finest sheepskin boots

Sheepskin footwear is so popular these days that you'll see them on everyone. Many young people consider it to be the most recent fashion trends. This unique footwear, on the other hand, has been around for ages. It's interesting to imagine the rich history of sheepskin footwear when you're looking at the huge variety of styles available.

This is a trend that has been around for thousands of years and is unlikely to go away anytime soon, making these boots one of the most classic types of footwear available. So now you know everything there is to know about sheepskin boots. Buy a pair of boots and give yourself a classy look and embrace yourself in this fashion world.


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