A Quick Trip Into Sheepskin History & Its Interesting Facts

For thousands of years, sheep have been man's best friend. Domestic sheep have kept humans company just as well. Humans have been raising and caring for sheep for tens of thousands of years. They are said to be among the earliest animals to be domesticated by humans and bred primarily for meat, milk, and skin hides for making products like footwear, clothes, etc.

What are Genuine Sheepskin Materials?

Sheepskin is a material that is used to make products like rugs, coats, slippers, gloves, and boots. This material is shorn from the skins of lambs or sheep. Sheepskin slippers have great properties, including insulation, antibacterial, sweat-resistant, and many more interesting benefits. Sheep hides are an aid to wounds because of their natural property of lanolin oil, which easily cures the cut area.

Its history is also interested in that it has been used in colder climates by people since 500 B.C. In this article, we’re going to have a look at the history of shearling sheepskin slippers in the trading industry.

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A brief focus on Sheepskin History

“History never fades, it repeats and will always repeat”. The use of lambskin materials has only grown in popularity over time. Since 500 B.C., the skin of sheep has been dressed and utilized in colder areas. According to previous actions and observations, a mummy was discovered in Subashi wearing sheepskin slippers and boots. William Knight, a 19th-century explorer, saw Tibetans wearing sheepskin clothes as well as footwear.

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest with a pair of Morlands lambskin boots. They were not just for climbing purposes, but also to keep him warm when he and his fellow climbers had planned to go up.

Based on archaeological research of the earliest settlement, dating back to 12,000 years ago, the wool trade occurred approximately 9,000 BC in the Middle East. As civilizations flourished and developed over the following two thousand years, sheep would have been bought and sold all throughout Europe.

Other than this historical information, Svaneti inhabitants in Georgia's Eurasia area have been known to line river and stream bottoms with lambskin in the hopes of extracting gold, according to a traditional technique called gold panning.

In battles like World War II, these sheepskin slippers and boots were worn by the warriors. During the Han dynasty, soldiers from China used to construct rafts with lambskin and cross the Yellow River.

Sheepskin, a Wonderful Gift to the Mankind

The sheepskin that has stood the test of time and presently is in demand. It has been used in battles, in the staging of concerts, and also in the healing of individuals. It's a centuries-old substance with several benefits and applications.

sheepskin slipppers


The all-in-one benefits of lambskin material are being produced by brands like UGG boots, Draper of Glastonbury, Shepherd of Sweden, Sheepland, Morlands, Celtic & Co., and many other brands from several years. These companies are bringing new fashionable designs in footwear and clothing trends into the fashion world.

Draper of Glastonbury is one of the best and oldest sheepskin slippers, boots, and gloves manufacturers in the United Kingdom. R J Draper & Co Ltd is a family sheepskin company, since 1937 they have been expertly handcrafted sheepskin footwear for men and women and now celebrating 85 years of slipper making.

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