How to Clean Sheepskin Gloves?

The demand for sheepskin gloves has risen in the market with the arrival of the winter season. They provide gentle warmth and comfort to hands irrespective of the drop in temperature of the weather. They are a pair of long-lasting and designer gloves for both men and women. The rigorous tanning of sheepskin enhances their longevity and texture. But their proper maintenance is also required, as it adds to their longevity and helps to keep them hygienic and retain their quality. As sheepskin provides extraordinary comfort and warmth, and so it requires special care and attention in return.

How to wash & care for Draper sheepskin gloves?

As the double-sided finish of sheepskin gloves can get easily soiled, cleaning them carefully is important, but they can't be directly aimed into the washing machine!




Guidelines to clean a pair of sheepskin gloves

  • Spot Cleaning: It is the situation in which the entire sheepskin glove doesn't require washing, but a stain in a particular area needs to be treated. Apply sheepskin shampoo and gently wipe it over the stained spot till the shampoo is removed.
  • Washing: Washing of sheepskin gloves is required when the entire glove has been soiled. But don't worry! Hand washes it in cool or Luke warm water using wool skin cleaning liquids. Such cleaning agents are more gentle than the detergent and do not harm the sheepskin or its wool.
  • Drying: Careful drying of the sheepskin gloves is as important as is their careful washing. After washing them, the extra moisture should be removed using paper towels. They should neither be spin-dried nor be exposed to direct heat. Allow it to dry naturally and slowly.

These guidelines can be really helpful when your sheepskin gloves get spoiled by tough stains or when it just needs a routine wash. So help yourself and wash them home instead of paying expensive dry cleaning bills!

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