Men's Driving Shoes: The Effortless Charmer You Were Looking For

The charm of driving shoes with a comfortable slip-on style and excellent grip shouldn’t be confined to the driver’s seat. On a beautiful summer outing, it is suitable to cruise around the road in the pair that offers great care to your feet while offering all the style you need. It gained popularity with the wealthy and sports car owners as it got the flexibility and comfort to handle pedals that don’t come with fussy dress shoes. Driving shoes are a good bet for the beach or a picnic in the dappled sunlight under the tree. Travelling by train, bus, plane, trips to the theatre, and meals out, these shoes are a great friend. Even after all these years, this fashion statement has found its place in every closet.

Driving Shoes

So, when can you wear driving shoes?

The mens driving shoes have soles and pliable uppers that make it effortless on long journeys or domestic driving. But, this surely doesn’t mean they should not exist beyond clutch control. These make excellent weekend shoes like any other slip on men’s shoes. They can be worn at casual and smart casual events. Those of you who hate sandals, driving shoes are a perfect match as alternative summer footwear.

And, how?

They are all the rage and you can style them as you would a pair of loafers when dressing up for a smart casual event. With a pair of brightly coloured cord trousers, a shirt, and of course, a leather belt with these shoes is a perfect ensemble for a summer day. They offer a touch of practicality. For a more casual occasion, jeans or shorts with a polo shirt goes well. If you are driving yourself to a formal event, of course, you can wear them in the car.

Quick tips to make the most of driving shoes

#1. For a relaxed weekend vibe, pair them with light chinos.
#2. In summer, avoid visible socks with driving shoes. Treat them more like a deck shoe.
#3. Make sure they are clean and the rest of your outfit should be sharp but, relaxed.
#4. Don’t wear driving shoes to work with a suit. Unless you are in the car.

You are all set to look great this summer. Just one last thing, look for a genuine driving shoe manufacturer and have a walk around to make sure it is the right fit.

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