Sheepskin Slippers: All Your Questions Answered

There is no doubt every pair of sheepskin slippers have been designed to stand the test of time and provide ultimate comfort and warmth all year round. But, before you lay your hands on the first pair, you may have a few questions, the answers to which could end your dilemma once and for all. Well, you have just got to the right page. To make your journey with sheepskin unconditional, we have answered all your concerns.

What is sheepskin slippers?

Sheepskin slippers are slippers made from sheepskin. The wool on sheepskin has good insulating properties and so such slippers are commonly worn when it is cold. They are cool during summer months and toasty warm all winter long.

What are these slippers made of?

Sustainable material is known for its temperature-regulating properties, sheepskin keeps your feet warm in winter and cools when the temperature rises. Only the finest sheepskin is used to manufacture the slippers that are sourced as a by-product of the farming industry. So, a material that would otherwise be incinerated is taken. It offers the ultimate way to feel cosy, warm, and luxurious as the weather cools.

How to wash the sheepskin slippers?

They can be washed when necessary but over-washing may deplete the natural oils. So, machine wash is not advisable. Hand washing in cold water is ideal with the use of mild wool detergent. Then, allow them to dry naturally by stuffing them with paper towels and replacing them as necessary. Never use a hairdryer. Lastly, brush the wool while still damp as it restores the fluffy appearance.

Do they smell?

A natural, organic, absorbent material, sheepskin slippers do have a pleasant light odour when new. Furthermore, developing an unpleasant cheesy feet odour completely depends on the smelliness of the feet and if or not socks are worn.

Will sheepskin slippers stretch?

They will mould to the shape of your feet, that is the delight of owning a sheepskin. So, go for a snug fit, that is not too tight as it would put unnecessary strain on the stitching.

What makes a good pair of sheepskin slippers?

Two key factors that determine the quality of sheepskin slippers are stitching and the quality of the pelt. High quality pelt will have minimal scar tissue so, it is much stronger. With high quality stitching comes comfort and durability of your slippers.

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