Shearling Boots - A Luxury In Quality

Shearling boots are highly functional, luxurious and quality boots made of shearling sheepskin. Shearling is skin shorn from sheep or lamb that is tanned and then dressed in the wool left on. It’s a unique design of suede or leather on the outside and wool clipped in inside, makes it the first choice for men and women who want to keep their feet warm, dry and be stylish.

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History of Shearling boots

Shearling boots have been in use long before brands made a trend out of it. Recorded descriptions of shearling boots have been around since the 1800s when Australian shepherds used leather straps to lash sheepskin around their feet and ankles. It wasn’t until World War 1 & 2, that the world understood the importance of shearling boots and used them extensively. Soon, they became popular amongst pilots, aviators as well as swimmers and surfers.

Advantages of Wearing Shearling Boots

Owning a pair of Shearling boots has advantages like:
  • Always in vogue
  • Has thermal properties
  • Keeps feet dry, cosy and warm
  • Can be worn without socks
  • Durable and easy to care for
  • Perfect for cold, messy, rainy weather

This functional footwear comes with a modern rubber sole that’s not only fashionable but also extremely useful when going on treks or walking on uneven surfaces.

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How to tell genuine shearling boots from fake

Like almost all luxury products, shearling boots to have counterfeit products in the market. Buying these can prove to be a complete disaster with shocking poor quality. Counterfeit or knock offs have telltale signs that can help one spot a fake. Fake Shearling Boots may have:

  • Unauthentic fleece
  • Foam sandwiched between the inner sole and out
  • A tug of the boot with both hands can rip the boot apart
  • Faulty or uneven stitching


Keeping Shearling boots clean regularly can prolong its lifespan and quality. Use a white cloth or a sponge, dip it in cold water and evenly wet the boot all over. Do not soak the boot in water to get the same outcome. Fill the damp boots with a rolled-up towel to hold shape evenly.

Allow for the boots to air dry.

If using daily, allow it to air dry 24 hours before using it next. Additionally, you can invest in a special spray made exclusively for cleaning sheepskin. To clean the insides of the boot, use regular disinfectant solution and wipe.

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