Sheepskin Boots - How You Should Clean and Care Them?

Sheepskin boots refer to a type of footwear fabricated from sheepskin. They can last forever if cleaned the right way. Enzyme-based shampoos can destroy the leather and wool of your boot so it's better to watch out for labels before you buy them. Ensure that you hand wash them as your sheepskin boot may also tear apart if they are regularly washed in a machine. A damp cloth is best to wipe the outer leather part of your sheepskin boot. For dirt removal, suede cleansing remover can be useful. Dilute a cup of non-enzyme liquid soap into a sink filled with water. Immerse the sheepskin boot into the sink full of water and scrub them vigorously with a soft brush or by hand. Rinse them, clean and fold them in a towel and let them dry naturally.

How To Clean Sheepskin Boots?
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