Sheepskin Boots - Should I Wear Socks with Them?

A plain answer to this is ‘no’. While this really comes down to your personal preference, we know sheepskin boots are to be worn without socks, and we come with reasons. The “socks with sheepskin boots” question are something we struggle with on most days, with a habit to put on socks before shoes. So, we tested the theory to bring first-hand knowledge to you.

With socks on, one could hardly feel the warmth from this footwear, and the fit becomes too tight anyway. Who buys a pair of authentic slippers and boots for comfort and warmth and then masks it with a pair of socks? But, we know you need more explanation than this to put this thought to rest once and for all, so here it is...

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The first aspect-Reduced warmth of sheepskin boots with socks

With wool as an active fiber, genuine sheepskin boots regulate your body’s temperatures and keep the feet warm even when you are out in blistering cold weather. It keeps your feet dry regardless of the temperature by drawing moisture away from the body and absorbing up to 30% of its own weight in water. When you want to achieve the full potential of this particular property, boots should be worn on bare skin, as sheepskin being a natural insulator. So, sheepskin boots are much warmer without socks.

The second aspect-Change to the fit of this comfort footwear

Socks do get in the way of the natural process, and this happens as the fibers of sheepskin boots mold around the feet. Even when you choose thin socks, it detracts from the cosy fit of your sheepskin boots as you go for the correct size of boots. The comfort and warmth of sheepskin can’t get between your toes with socks on, you are missing out on your ankles being wrapped up like a fluffy blanket. Additionally, sheepskin boots get too tight when worn with socks, so when you’re planning to go against the grain and wear socks with sheepskin, choose your size accordingly.

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Now, as your 1st thought, wearing socks with these boots protect them from the brunt of unpleasant foot odor. However, these boots were originally designed to be worn without socks for this very reason. A key indicator of wearing genuine sheepskin, is that provided your feet are clean when you put them on, they should not smell with consistent wear.

All in all, by wearing socks, you are denying yourself of the priceless properties this fiber has to offer.

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