Sheepskin Lined Leather Boots

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we offer a wide range of sheepskin lined leather boots for both women and men. We have our own factory in Somerset where we have been making the best quality sheepskin lined footwear since 1937 and we are a fourth generation family business. Most of our sheepskin is sourced from Britain and our leathers are tanned in Scotland. Each and every pair of boots we make are handmade and can take over four weeks to manufacture.

Mens sheepskin lined leather boots are available in two different designs for the coming season, including a Chelsea boot and a Desert boot style too. Both are a generous fit, to allow you to wear thick socks with them if you needed, although they are fully lined with thick sheepskin all the way through. They are extra warm, soft, and comfortable; you won’t want to take them off.

Our ladies sheepskin lined leather boots include our most popular style called Stowe which has a waxed leather upper that is water resistant and extremely high quality leather. It is smooth and has a lovely finish and is incredibly soft too, it is genuinely beautiful leather. The sheepskin lining is the finest quality curly wool, designed to match the colour of the boot so it doesn’t stand out.

The lining is unbelievably soft; your feet will feel like they are walking on a cloud. The sole is hard wearing, has a lot of grip for icy conditions, and has a small heel providing good support for your feet. The boot is laced up too, so you can adjust the fitting. This could be the perfect ankle boot for women.

Sheepskin lined leather ankle boots are the most popular type of boot that we offer because it is the most practical as you can keep them cleaner than suede and you can protect them better than suede from rain and dirt. Ankle boots are more practical than taller boots as they are more versatile and can go with any outfit, without standing out too much.

Fur lined leather winter boots are all lined with real sheepskin; as this is what we specialise in. The sheepskins we use are a by product of the farming industry, with most sheepskins being thrown away, only a small percentage are sent to tanneries to clean up and the tanneries send sheepskins to manufacturers like us to reuse the sheepskins and make beautiful boots, slippers, and gloves from them. This is recycling at its best and what’s more; we expect our products to last for a very, very long time.

Shearling lined leather ankle boots are handcrafted and made to last. They are a true investment because although the initial cost may seem steep when you realise how long they will last you, they actually represent excellent value for money. Many people find our boots last them for an entire lifetime; you only have to visit your local charity shop to find a pair of old Draper boots or coats to realise just how long our products last. If you are looking for leather sheepskin boots near me then look no further. We deliver worldwide and you can order from our website or phone 01458 837627.
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