Suede Sheepskin Boots

Suede sheepskin boots are a classic combination and here at Draper of Glastonbury we offer a wide selection of sheepskin boots with a suede upper. Established in 1937, we are a fourth generation family business and we specialise in making the best quality sheepskin boots. We have our own factory in Glastonbury where we have been manufacturing sheepskin lined footwear for over 85 years. Our boots are sold worldwide.

We offer ladies suede sheepskin boots in many different designs, which include our popular Cambridge boot. It has a suede upper, our signature sheepskin lining throughout including the insole, and a non slip durable rubber sole for outdoor use. It is a wide fitting boot with two zips, making it very easy to get on and off quickly and easily.

Our suede genuine sheepskin lined short boot called Dartmoor is similar to the Cambridge except it has one zip as opposed to two. It is a classic design of sheepskin boot and in fact it is the original sheepskin boot design from hundreds of years ago. Originally sheepskin boots were worn over shoes and were very large, designed to keep your feet warm in the ‘motor car’ which was often open top.

We sell black suede sheepskin boots which include our design called Ambleside, which is a mid height boot that comes up to your calf. This is also a wider fitting boot, with a non slip sole which is perfect for winter conditions. All of our boots are available in the colour black, as it is the most popular, with some of our boots also available in brown too. Many of our newest designs have a waxed leather upper, which is water resistant and incredibly soft to touch.

If you are looking for suede sheepskin boots near me then search no more. You can order directly on our website at or order by phone 01458837627. We deliver worldwide with free UK delivery and express delivery available too. We have one of the largest ranges of sheepskin boots in the UK, and each pair is handcrafted to the highest standards.

Our suede boots are treated so they are water resistant, which is very important when it comes to suede. If they are not treated in this way, then the suede can get damaged or marked very easily by water, dirt, and spillages. This makes our boots the best and makes them perfect for wearing in the wet weather as well as dry and you don’t have to worry about ruining the boots. They are easily cleaned with a stiff suede brush, damp cloth with mild detergent (no bleach) and leaving them to dry naturally. You won’t need to continually treat the suede as we have ensured this is fully completed while the suede is tanned.

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