5 Types of Slippers for You to Wear at Home

Being comfortable is key to feeling at home. You are free to dress in whatever is most comfortable and cozy for you from head to toe without the constraints of the outer world. For relaxing days at home, slippers are great for anyone. There are slippers that are appropriate for spring, summer, and fall, so this form of footwear is not just for chilly winter days. You can easily discover a pair of sheepskin mule slippers that suits you because they are available in a variety of fabrics and styles. Here are a few different kinds of slippers to add to your selection of footwear.

Slip On

The most common style of slippers is probably the slip on style. In some locations,They are also known as slide-on slippers or scuff slippers (scuff because they make a scuffing sound as you walk in them).

In essence, these slip on Slippers shoes are made of fabric and are rather soft. The fabric surrounds the foot and only covers the top of the foot and the toes, leaving the heels exposed. Usually, it's constructed of basic materials, but other manufacturers build it out of sturdy fabrics like soft suede or line them with fleece for added warmth.



The moccasin slippers are a comfortable slipper that looks fantastic with pajamas, as well as leggings, sweatpants, and even women's jeans. Along with unlined moccasins, which are comfortable to wear at any time of the day, there are lined moccasins that are perfect for cold days. They are made of leather, suede, and flannel, and have sherpa, sheepskin, and faux fur as lining materials.
There are fancily colored and printed moccasins available to give your clothing a colorful touch. A pair of moccasins in a neutral shade like black, tan, or grey is a versatile option that goes with practically anything if you're searching for a slipper that you can wear all year long.

Mule Slippers

Mules are yet another backless slip-on design that gained popularity as indoor footwear in Europe in the 1700s. These shoes are practical and functional, offering comfort and protection from harsh elements. For excellent support, stability, and durability, sheepskin mule slippers are a terrific option for you.

Clog Slippers

Clog slippers are another option. They have a closed-back design and tend to resemble regular shoes. Give your feet the gift of a firm clog slipper, a great design to wear inside or even outside. Some clog slippers have sturdy rubber outsoles, so you can wear them comfortably while getting the newspaper or checking the mail. They are available in several designs, including some with knit uppers for a fashionable appeal.


Some people think of slides as outdoor slippers. Slip-on slippers or sandals style in the athletic, casual design are excellent to have on hand. Both inside and outside of your modest home, you can wear slides while working, taking out the garbage, getting the mail, grilling, or relaxing on your patio. They're also ideal for anything else you can think of, like running errands, getting to and from the gym, picking up your kids, lounging on the beach, boating, traveling, and more.

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