Easy Instructions to Offer Quick Care to Your Sheepskin Boots

Warm, fluffy, and cosy, sheepskin boots are our first love when it comes to luxury wardrobe choices. The snuggly goodness gets better with the special care, sheepskin boots can last for years. The popularity of sheepskin has only grown in all these years and it is here to stay. So, when it comes to a little effort they need to go on for extended years, maintenance shouldn’t be compromised.

Preserve their ability to give warmth and comfort and parade around for years, no matter the season. The simple care and maintenance to clean sheepskin boots could keep them as good as new for years to come.
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A quick guide to offering an extended lifespan to your beloved sheepskin boots

1. The easiest way to start caring for your favorite footwear is with the products specifically designed to keep them shining. You can easily get stain and water repellent that treats them right. But, test the products first by applying them to the inner areas of boots first. Wait to see if any reactions show up causing physical changes before you make a purchase.

2.  As effortless as it feels to just pass on the tedious task of cleaning to the professionals, it is ideal never to leave the care in the hands of dry cleaner or your washing machine. It can cause serious discoloration on the skin and can leave uneven wet patches on them as well.

3.  Avoid walking in puddles or deep snow when you are wearing sheepskin boots. Even when sprayed with suede protector, such activities can leave stains on your boots. However, waterproof sheepskin boots are a relief if only you have used a protector to make them water-resistant. Never soak them or leave them damp for too long as the boots might lose shape. Storing your boots wait promotes fungal growth so, make sure they are dried for 24 hours to evaporate the accumulated moisture before storing them.

4.  If you do not want to add on to your chores, keep your pets away from the boots. It is going to be really difficult to remove fur and pets might end up chewing your beloved footwear.

5.  Exercise great caution while wiping, cleaning, and brushing your boots as sheepskin is sensitive to pressure.

6.  Excessive heat is a big no-no as it affects the skin’s colorfastness and your boots are likely to get dull in the process. So, air dry your clean sheepskin boots where there is no sunlight.
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