How to Clean Sheepskin Boots?

If you own a pair of genuine sheepskin boots, it is necessary to clean and maintain them properly. Besides great appearance, these lambskin boots are highly comfortable and keep your feet cosy and warm. It is hard to think about winter months without these fashionable shoes. To extend the life and shine of your boots, we have shared a few cleaning, caring and maintenance tips in this blog.

The outside of the shoes become dirty and scuffed as you use them on a regular basis. In some cases, the interior will also start to smell unpleasant.
claire sheepskin boots

Tips to clean sheepskin boots for women

  • Brush the boots: It is best to brush the sheepskin boots using a suede brush subsequently after every usage so as to remove loose soil and dust. Begin to clean from the top and slowly brush down and the sides.
  • Suede cleaner: It is best to use detergents that are exclusively available for cleaning leather. Ensure to read the label instructions carefully and follow as mentioned. Shampoo the boots from the top and work all over with soft circular motions. Ensure not to saturate the boots. You can leave it for air dry after cleaning completely.
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    Tips to clean sheepskin boots for men

    • Wipe using a wet cloth: Take a white sponge or cloth and dip in cold water. Now, wet the entire boots in even manner. It should not be soaked. Once it dries, it will not have any marks.
    • Stuff using a rolled towel: If you want the boots to retain its shape, you have to stuff your damp boot. Take a towel, roll it and stuff it inside the boots. Do not use dark shaded towel since there are chances for a colour to transfer to your boots. Do not use newspapers for stuffing since the socks and feet will become ink-stained.


    sheepskin boots

      Tips to care sheepskin boots

      To avoid excessive staining, it is best to use a special spray to waterproof sheepskin boots. First, a test on the inner area is essential, since it has chances to affect the color and texture of the leather.

      • Ensure to wear tights or socks to prevent odors and soiling of interiors.
      • Do not soak your boots in water or remain wet for a long time. By doing so, there are chances for loosening of adhesives and skins become misshapen.
      • Do not dry the sheepskin boots using clothes dryer or by placing under a direct source of heat. Slow and gentle drying is the recommended option.

      Maintain your sheepskin boots by following these tips and you should be good to Go!

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